CAE offer press optimisation services.

Before making any changes on-press its advised to run certain tests to observe scientifically (by the numbers) how these changes react on-press. These changes can range from new ink technology, cell geometry, doctor blades or mounting tapes.

Each aspect of the optimisation trails is documented and scientifically measured by a member of our technical team, ensuring successful press optimisation. A full technical report on our findings and recommendations is also produced for your review.


CAE have extensive experience in flexographic printing and coating technologies and techniques. We can help you print by numbers, ensuring press predictability, repeatability, consistency, and efficiency, thus helping you to increase productivity and reduce waste. Fingerprinting each printing press allows us to analyse ink density, dot gain, impression, registration, and other critical variables to enable you to print better.

Our detailed and challenging fingerprint design and on-press OT7-4 process controls covers every critical aspect with regards to process printing. We are here to help printers with advanced turnkey technical service solutions.

(Please Note: Fingerprinting a press is normally a two-stage process consisting of a preliminary linear run, and then a final adjusted fingerprint run.)


CAE offer a wide range of training services to help you and your staff obtain the practical skill sets needed on press. They can be tailored to suit your operators’ needs and requirements.

  • Introduction to Anilox Transfer Technology and Terminology
  • Basic Flexographic Principles and Practices
  • Press-Proofing your inks
  • Understanding Colour and Spectrophotometers and Densitometers
  • Understanding Press Optimisation, Fingerprinting and Characterisation
  • A-Care: Correct Principles and Practices for Anilox and Plate Care
  • Basic Principles and Practices Program Implementation
  • Press Process Controls and On-Press Colour Management
  • Operator Colour Accuracy Eye Testing