H.I.T.T stands for High Ink Transfer Technology which is available for both Anilox rolls and anilox Sleeves. H.I.T.T cell geometry has been designed as an engraving that can offer a higher and more homogeneous ink transfer and is a special application cell geometry. This is obtained by utilizing open cell technology in conjunction with advanced transfer and volume ranges, which is easily cleanable due to its open cell configuration.

Efficient and homogeneous ink transfer allows for various new possibilities for opaque white printing, lacquering and various coating applications. H.I.T.T engravings are also suitable for lacquer units specifically in the offset printing and for coating machines.

The use of this cell geometry allows for a wider volume transfer with minimal residues and maximum transfer capabilities regardless the liquid dynamics of the various inks, lacquers, or coating applications.

This cell geometry is specifically designed to help printers with large solid coverages, while ensuring smooth transfers, it is equally well suited for specialized coating application due to its open cell nature.


  • Higher ink transfer.

  • High opacity and reduced ink consumption.

  • Improved film transfers removing pin-holing.

  • Improved suitability for low, thick viscous inks, coatings and lacquers.

  • Simple to clean due to open cell geometry.

  • Special suitability for opaque whites, lacquers, and special process inks metallics, rainbow coatings ect.