The world’s leading anilox innovation.

We are proud to present our GEN II yCell (HD) HDLE with Pegasus coating technology. As a global player in the manufacture and refurbishment of high quality rollers and sleeves we now offer our extensive customer base a bold revolution in High Definition Laser Engraving (HDLETM).


P-Coat has been specifically designed for optimum energy transfer and precision particle velocity to produce a new generation in anilox coatings this ensures we can produce rapid, uniform and repeatable high quality ceramic coating.

CAE remain the only African supplier to have a complete production facility (one-stop shop) and have complete process control over every aspect of the anilox production process – from start to finish – in accordance with our SABS ISO 9001 quality management system.

yCell (HD) HDL is available in Roller, Sleeve and Lightweight formats to suit all press specifications and tolerances.

yCell (HDLE Transfer Technology)

Advanced HD 30° and 60° cell configuration laser engraved using the latest high definition laser engraving technology (HDLETM) with the advanced features: MBA (Multi Beam Anilox), MAD (Micro Anilox Displacement) and custom cell profile generation.


  • Impermeable corrosion protection barrier/layer.

  • Advanced yCell (HD) HDL cell geometry, ensuring advanced ink release.

  • Higher resistance to scoring and surface damage over conventional anilox technology.

  • Extended blade life due to advanced post-peak polish reduction.

  • Easy to clean cell profile, helping printers reduce/eliminate cell clogging, contamination and machine downtime.